About Us

This company was created to provide education for parents, teachers, and organizations who care for children. We serve those seeking social/emotional tools and understanding for best practice with the children in their care. These folks are looking for a more evolved way to teach and inspire the children in their care to learn the skills they need to work through intense emotional states and solve interpersonal problems.

Here are some common challenges experienced by people who work with us:

  • Unsure how to help a child who feels REALLY BIG feelings, who may hurt themselves or others, run away, or shut down.
  • Lack consistent approach and language when responding to an emotional and/or triggered child.
  • Desire a simple, effective, and meaningful way to learn what current fields of important research in child and brain development have to offer care and education.
  • Want to help children going through stressful life situations at home - divorce, death, transition, etc.

    Jenifer Trivelli, MS

    Jenifer Trivelli, MS, RYT, Educator, Author, and Certified YogaCalm Instructor.  Jenifer is a parent of two with a master's degree in Counseling and more than a decade of experience working with families.

  • Need continuing education credits and want to learn more about social-emotional development - to impact real situations they encounter with children every day - in a fun and interactive way.

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